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Sep 10

Hall of fame: Tim Kolar

It’s been a long time, that I wrote my last article in English. So it is time for introducing another athlete in our training group. It’s the Slovenian Tim Kolar. Enjoy:

Name: Tim Kolar

Nickname: Timmy Holiday, Fatboy, Sprinter

Most used sentence: “Okay and what have I to do?” (After Ingolf told the group to do 90 minutes of GA1 paddling)

Status by the Coach Ingolf: Like me and a lot of other athletes in the group Tim is a victim of bad jokes by our coach. No normal person would call Tim fat or unsporty but Ingolf does. (He also made me to believe that I’m fat 🙂 But first Ingolf had a total different image of Tim than now. Ingolf always said this guy is very intelligent and civilized, not like the others Slovenians in the group. But Tim showed him that he is at least same balcan like all the others!

Vita: Tim just passed his first season in Flatwater and also in the seniors category. Like a lot of guys here he is coming originally from wildwater racing. He also did Slalom but had the bigger success in Downriver. He was Junior World Champion in 2009. This year he competed U-23 Europeans in K1 over 200m. Tim is maybe the only real genetic sprinter in our group. Ingolf’s Flatwater family hopes to see this young, talented guy also next season in our trainings camps (Especially me, that I’m not the only fat man:-).