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Apr 10

Introducing the Trainingsgroup

It is now the first time that I write an article in English. I have the idea to introduce our training group and because this is an international group I write in English. I want to do this because I think that this can give the readers a good image behind the name. My goal is to release every week a new paddler. I start with the Slovenian Lovro Leban. So I hope you enjoy.

Name: Lovro

Surname: Leban

Nicknames: Bridge Boy, Butt-Head (from the TV-Series), šarlatan

Nationality: Slovenja

Date of Birth: 21.04.1988

His Idol: Mr. Quagmire

His most spoken word: Giggitygiggitygiggity

About him: Lovro is a student of the University in Ljubljana. He lives in Most na Soci and train together with Jernej Zupancic and Rok Kuk. Before 2009 he was a very successful and talented Slalom and Downriver paddler. In 2008 he reached the Final of the best 10 in the U-23 Slalom Europeans. In the same year he won 2 gold medals on the World Championships in Downriver Sprint. He is the youngest Sprint-World-Champion ever!!! He is still paddling Downriver but his focus is in Flatwater. After 2008 he stopped paddling Slalom. I paddled many races in Downriver against Lovro, normally I was faster in Classic but in Sprints I never had a chance against him. 2009 was his first flatwater season, he paddled in K2 with Rok Kuk and achieved the 6th place over 500m on the U-23 Europeans.

Future: Next weekend he will race the qualifications in Mantova (ITA). He hopes to qualify for the U-23 Europeans and the Seniors Worlds. After very much and hard training in the winter, I think that he can do some very good results this year.