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Nov 10

I present: Rok Kuk

Name: Rok

Surname: Kuk

Nickname: Rok Superstar, Captain Kuk, Bridge Boy, Beavies (from the TV-Series)

Date of Birth: 22. August 1990

His Idol: David Guetta (In reality Rok doesn’t like Guetta too much, but everyone knows that Rok loves electronic music so they think he must be a fan of Guetta)

His most spoken sentence: What??? 75 minutes of GA1 sooo long???? (After he checked the Training program and saw that we have to do 75 minutes GA1 like everyday)

Website: In Slovensko and English

About him: He was the first guy in Most na Soci who changed from Wildwater to Flatwater. 2008 he competed on Junior European Championships and showed with an awful Slalom technique a good 15th place over 1000m K1. Coach Ingolf was able to teach him a really nice technique over the Winter 2008/2009. In 2009 he made his first success with Place 6 at the U-23 Europeans with Lovro in the K2. 2010 they achieved two 3rd places in the Worldcups and a Silver medal at the U-23 Europeans. With his young years he belongs to the most successful Slovenian Flatwater Paddlers ever. But this is not a reason for Coach Ingolf to tell Rok every day, that he is less powerful most of the German Youth Girls. This is only one thing, if I want to tell you all the bad things that Ingolf says to Rok, this article would be too long for my homepage… If you search Ingolfs victims in our training group you will see, that Rok has to suffer the most of all! There are girls in Slovenja who say, that Rok is loving himself a lot. I dont know exactly, but I think this is only a myth, if you know Rok Superstar you will see that’s not like he is.

Future: Ingolf says: „There is no future for Rok Kuk!“ My opinion is a bit different, Rok showed big success last season and now he does not visit school anymore, so he has much more time for training. So it looks good, that he can achieve same force like German youth girls. And if he is more powerful than last season, he can do even better results. From silver to gold is not a long way!!!

Lovro in Front, Rok in Back at Vichy Worldcup 2010