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Apr 10

Next Athlete: Christian Endl (AUT)

Christian Endl

Next Athlete in our trainings group is Christian Endl (AUT).

Name: Christian

Surname: Endl

Nicknames: Eennnnnnndlllll

Date of Birth: 07.01.1983

Nationality: Austria

Idols: Jernej Zupancic Regent (Because he went more or less alone to the top of the Flatwaterworld. He did his way and earns respect everywhere, he’s a bit Wilhelm Tell of Slovenia.) Second Idol because of his success and kind of winnig: Ronald Rauhe.

His most spoken sentence: Today I try a new paddle

Website: (The most spectacular Website of a paddler for years:-)

About him: Christian paddle for a long time in flatwater and was last year the fastest paddler over 500m and 1000m in Austria. The sportstudent is the one of the training group which tests the most paddles. His motto: test is better than trust. Christian is a sprinter but he likes to train hard and long. In our sport this is a rare phenomenon. You can go so far to say, that he is a 1000m Man in a sprinter body.

Future: After some years in K1 he will paddle this year with the German Charles Löhnitz in a double kayak. Charles changed to Austria for this possibility. Two fast and strong guys in one boat, I am wondering how fast they will be. In two weeks they will compete their first Worldcup after a good 6th place over 1000m last weekend in Mantova.