Jan 16

After the race is before the race

As always first the link to read it in German: http://www.zsz.ch/blogs/frischluft/trainieren-essen-schlafen/story/20706265

The NSW-State Championships in Penrith were a very nice Regatta. My first race for a long time and I was keen on some racing again. I felt quite comfortable in the 1000m Heat and showed a good race. But as always the Semifinal is what counts and there you need to be able to race at your best. Unfortunately I did’nt do that. I was scared to go too fast in the beginning and so I guess I was going to slow. I showed a good last 250m but it was too late to achieve the first two spots and I missed my goal of racing in the A-Finals on Sunday. Straight after that I competed in the 500m Heats and Semis. It was way easier there, because more or less only NSW-Paddler raced it. So I qualified to the A-Final with a solid win in the Semi. The last race of the day was the 5000m. I kind of like to race this distance, because it is always big fun and excitement with the mass start. Unfortunately there were only a few paddlers doing it as well, so it was more sort of a training than a thrilling race. I struggled a bit with the weed on the course, but in the end won the race. Honestly I had to give much more effort into that than I wanted, but finally the day was over and I was ready to recover.




On Sunday I first raced the B-Final over 1000m. I was paddling much more aggressive than in the Semi and pushed myself a lot. I finished in second place which is an overall 10th place. That is alright for me at the moment, but sure I want to improve for the next races. I need to find the good mixture between coolness and going as hard as possible. Probably my body need to get used to race in this time of year as well.

My 500m A-Final started quite badly. I wasn’t really ready at the start and so I didn’t feel too comfortable in the first half of the race. With a good finish I made my way to the podium and finished 3rd. Actually after that I was totally exhausted and wasn’t really looking forward to race the 200m, but I did it anyway. I came into the B-Final and finished overall 11th. Not too bad for such a Non-Sprinter like me. I think there were some agreeable results and I got a lot of feedback to work on now.

The work started again on Monday afternoon. There wasn’t really time for much resting, because from the 12th to 14th February there will be the next Regatta. In Adelaide there will be held GP2 which will be an international race and a selection race for the Australian National Team.


Jan 16

Excited to race!

First of all the link to my latest Blog in the Zuerisee-Zeitung about X-Mas in Australia: http://www.zsz.ch/blogs/frischluft/weihnachten-im-sommer/story/27464847

The time here Down-Under is passing by very quickly, tomorrow my 7th week is already starting. It will be the most exciting week Down-Under so far and that really means something, because here are happening so many cool things every day. The reason is simple: from Saturday to Sunday the New South Wales States Championships will take place on the Olympic Regatta Course in Penrith. Because it is the last race before the Aussie-Trials all the National-Team paddlers will use this competition as a last test. That means I will already get a good feedback about my shape and especially how the different training here works for my paddling. Beside of all this it is also a nice experience to paddle at an Olympic Venue! The Sydney Olympics were the first I really remember and definitely motivated me, because I just started paddling in that age.
If you want to follow the races you can check out Online-Results on this Website: http://regattas.canoe.org.au/?events=1127
I will race all the distances, so that means 200m, 500m, 1000m and 5000m all in the Single Kayak. As always bet the more money on me, the longer the distance will take! Because I only know Murray Stewart and Ken Wallace from racing at Worldcups it’s very hard to predict what I can achieve here. The Australian paddlers belong to the best in the world, so first I try to achieve the Final over 1000m and then see what is possible there with a good race!


Dez 15

Last blog in the old year

Here you find the link for my second Blog in the Zuerisee-Zeitung: http://www.zsz.ch/blogs/frischluft/wie-in-der-ovowerbung/story/23542527

My first of four months in Sydney is already done. I adapt pretty good to the different training. That means I get less muscle pain after the gym, I have energy for other things beside of training and the most important, I start to feel better on the water. There were some hard moments in this first weeks but it was worth it . One of this moments was definitely the 25km Surfski-Race called „20 Beaches“. I underestimated the waves on the Ocean a lot. So I took a nice long swim during the race and had a lot of trouble to find my way back to the boat. But I managed to get in before I got slammed on some rocks and finally also crossed the finish line. It was a few minutes behind my expectations but finally I was just happy to finish my first Surfski-Race in my career. It was a really funny experience but I enjoyed a lot to go back to my Sprintkayak.

In this narrow, little boat a spent many hard sessions. I proved that my training mate Murray is really fit and I have some work to do here. For Christmas I got some days off and used this time to try surfing and working on my Surfski-Skills. Some friends organised that I could go on the „Fast Ferry“ on Boxing Day for watching the Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race. I was impressed by this armada of sailing boats and even more by the hundreds of spectator boats, thousands of spectators on land and the dozen of helicopters up in the air. My last week in 2015 I have trained in Narrabeen again and tonight I go on the Fast Ferry to watch the huge Sydney firework. You see it’s all about water down here and that’s what I like.

I can look back to a successful 2015, I managed to show my best race on the most important competition of the year and placed 13th at the World championships in Milan over the Olympic 1000m. All my 5000m races during the season I finished Top 10 and in Milan even 6th. I am proud to all this, but finally it doesn’t count a lot, because I’m not yet qualified to the Olympics. I want to change that next May and reach my biggest goal in my career.

Thank you all for following and supporting me, I wish you a nice New years Eve and all the best in 2016!


Dez 15

Arrived in Down-Under

Ich habe gute News für die deutschsprachigen Leser von dieser Website. Diesen Winter schreibe ich jede zweite Woche einen Blog für die Zürichsee-Zeitung. Der Link für diese Kolumne werde ich immer hier publizieren. Für alle die interessiert an meinem Leben am anderen Ende der Erdkugel sind, lohnt es sich also meine Website regelmässig zu besuchen. Zusätzlich wird es hier eine kleine Zusammenfassung auf Englisch geben. Hier also mein erster Blog: http://www.zsz.ch/blogs/frischluft/ein-lenkrad-fuer-den-beifahrer/story/18926975

By the 2nd December I arrived in Sydney. The place where I will spend my whole Winter. Or actually I will spend another summer here, because it’s summertime down-under. I spent a great first week at a Family of a good friend in the South of Sydney. I was swimming, kayaking and chilling a lot. After those first days of acclimatisation I moved to Narrabeen to the National Institute of Sport. It’s a great place and it’s a big honour for me to train with the squad coached by Tim Jacobs. The main training Partner here is Olympic Champion Murray Stewart. I think I can learn a lot from these guys and surely improve from the hard training. The first trainings were pretty hard. I think I still had to adapt to the different time zone, a new boat and a completely different training system. But from training to training I felt better and my first week in the Sprintkayak is already done. Tomorrow I will compete at the „20 Beaches“ the biggest and longest Surfski competition in Sydney. I guess it helps that my Kayak roots come from the wild rivers in Switzerland.


Nov 15

First month out of seven done

After three weeks of resting in September I started my training by the 3rd of October. It was a quite unusual way to start training. I was on the startline for the first Marathon on Lake Lucerne. I was able to win this 42km race in 3:26:03. I enjoyed the most part of this race, the perfect weather definitly helped. But the last 10km are only about ignoring pain, time and distance. This emotion immediately changed when I arrived at the last Kilometre and was able to see the finish line. I was full of hapiness and confidence when I crossed the line. I think this is the same if you cross the lane first or last. It’s more about being proud to have completed this challenge. I had no doubt of competing again at the race in 2016.  (In fact I do not have a choice, because my brother is organising this event)

After this nice little experience I put the focus back on 1000m training. At the moment this is not much different, it’s also about building up my endurance, but fortunately shorter. And sure I am back in gym, put on my running shoes, swim googles or climb up some mountains with my bike. I never had problems to find motivation for training and now so close to my most important season ever, this is sure not different. What is different is that I have more self confidence after my satisfying Worldchampionships in Milan. So I push myself over mental borders just because I believe I can. This definitly helps when you train alone.

The first month of training for the new season is now already done and last weekend we had some national team test. On this test we paddled 250m and 2000m, did Strength and a 5000m running test. I was able to prove my feeling in training right. Which meant that I pushed myself more and realised in all the tests almost PB’s. Normally after one month of training I am far away from this level. But now I can build on that level and hopefully go much further until next May when the European Olympic Qualification race will be held.

At the moment I am training at the National Sports centre in the south of Switzerland for two weeks. We have great weather here and I am such a lucky boy that the weather will not get worse this Winter. On the 30st of November I fly to Sydney and will train for 4 months down under. I can follow the training group of Tim Jacobs which includes the fastest Australian 1000m paddler Murray Stewart. I feel very privileged to join this world class training environment and this gives some extra motivation every day!


Sep 15

Review of an important time of year

The World Championships 2015 was probably the most important race of some sports careers in the past years. So it was definitely for me. I dreamed big and wanted to reach an Olympic Quota which meant to race into Top 9. So the A-Final was the goal and I was very close to reach that. It wasn’t that close like in Duisburg 2013 where only some tenths of a second were missing. But the level of this Worlds was something totally different to this time. Like always the Semifinal was the most important race for me and I finished Fourth in mine. My time was better than ever 3:29.29, and this was the 11th best performance of the day. But this doesn’t count anything, because I had to race the B-Final on Saturday and hope for the best result possible. I wasn’t able to run my boat as calm as in the Semi and so my finish sprint was more an act of surviving than an effective move. Finally I came 4th, which meant an overall 13th place. I think I can be happy with this result, there were 60 Athletes racing the K1 1000m and a lot of big Names did not even achieve the B-Final. But sure I dreamed of something else…

The next race was the 5000m which unfortunately isn’t an Olympic distance. But still there were over 40 Paddlers on the start line of this Mass start race. All the season I raced Top 10 and I wanted to realise my first Top 10 result at World Championships level. I was surprisingly one of the fastest on the start and stayed the first half of the race in the leading group. But this guys are on another level and I was not able to react when they raised the speed. I managed to finished 6th. My best international result ever on Seniors level. I am pretty proud on that and it was an awesome way to conclude this Worlds.

Next stop was the Olympic Test Event in Rio de Janeiro, two weeks later. Sure I didn’t prepare as professional as the Worlds, but still I wanted to prove this course on Lagoa de Freitas in Rio de Janeiro. Unfortunately it wasn’t the most fair course in the world because of a lot of weed in the course. The place is definitely not in Olympic shape already, but I am sure they will handle it until next year. I was the fastest guy not coming into the A-Final, which is good but doesn’t give the most happiest feeling at all. But the trip was very cool and I give everything to go there next year again for some more serious paddling.

Next race are the Swiss Championships 26./27. September in Rapperswil-Jona the place where I live and train. It will be an international race so everybody is welcome there. One week later on the 3rd of October I will start at a 42km Marathon in Buochs on the Lake of Lucerne. Probably nobody knows this 42km better than me on the start line. It’s the place where I grew up and I probably collect the most kilometres in my career. It’s a really beautiful place when there are no waves so finger crossed. It will be the first Marathon on this lake and I hope this event can grow a lot in the next years! My brother leads the organisation of this competition which puts me in some ambassador position.

The links for this events: Swiss Championships (200,500,1000m): http://kcrj.ch/_int_regatta.php

1st Kanu Marathon (21km or 42km): http://www.kanu-marathon.ch/

If you want to watch some clips from Worlds than here you can watch it (there are also some scenes of the rare 5000m race): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waDWY0MWkBg


5000m at Worldchampionships in Milan /photo by Ronit Shaked

Aug 15

Water is heating up in Milan

Tomorrow the first races at the Canoe Sprint World Championships 2015 are going to start. In Milan which at same time hosts the World Exhibition EXPO, the biggest World Championships ever in Canoe/Kayak Racing will start with over 100 Nations participating. And an even more interesting fact is that the first Olympic Quotas for Rio de Janeiro are able to receive. In my category the Kayak Men 1000m I need to achieve a Top 7 result to get a place for my country. My best result ever is a 12th place, so it is going to be tough.

I knew I trained really well the whole season and especially the last months. There is nothing else to do than give everything and handle as much pain as possible.

If you want to watch some exciting races than watch live at this channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/CanoeKayakTV

My friend Michi Reber will attend our Swiss Team with some nice News at this channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MRPFILMS

Results and Startlists you find on the official website: http://www.milanworldcanoesprint.com/en/results-live-streaming

The Starting times from our Swiss Team you find below:

08:40-09:15 Vorläufe K1 Damen 500m: Noemi Brüschweiler
09:40-10:15 Vorläufe K1 Herren 1000m: Fabio Wyss
12:50-13:20 Vorläufe K2 Herren 1000m: Domeisen/Summermatter

15:35-15:55 Halbfinale K1 Damen 500m: Noemi Brüschweiler
16:15-16:40 Halbfinale K1 Herren 1000m: Fabio Wyss
18:30-18:55 Halbfinale K2 Herren 1000m: Domeisen/Summermatter

12:45-13:10 Vorläufe K2 Herren 500m: Domeisen/Summermatter
13:30-13:40 Vorläufe K1 Damen 1000m: Noemi Brüschweiler

16:50-17:05 Halbfinale K2 Herren 500m: Domeisen/Summermatter
17:20-17:25 Halbfinale K1 Damen 1000m: Noemi Brüschweiler

08:45-08:55 C- / B-Finale Kajak Damen 500m
09:00-09:10 C- / B-Finale K1 Herren 1000m
10:05-10:15 C- / B-Finale K2 Herren 1000m
10:30-10:35 A-Finale K1 Damen 500m
10:50-10:55 A-Finale K1 Herren 1000m
11:50-11:55 A-Finale K2 Herren 1000m
09:20-09:25 B-Finale K1 Damen 1000m
09:50-09:55 B-Finale K2 Herren 500m
10:50-10:55 A-Finale K1 Damen 1000m
11:30-11:35 A-Finale K2 Herren 500m

15:00-15:30 K1 Damen 5000m: Noemi Brüschweiler
15:40-16:10 K1 Herrren 5000m: Fabio Wyss


Jul 15

Spending my Summer in northern Italy

After a not really satisfying World Cup in Duisburg with only Place 23 over 1000m but a strong 10th place in the big field over 5000m, I went back to hard training in Switzerland and Austria. After my Birthday in the middle of June, there waited a new experience for my Athletes Career. The European Games in Baku Azerbaijan. A total new competition in a for me unknown country. In total 6000 Athletes competed there in several sports. I was happy to be one of those athletes and sure wanted to show a staisfying race. I think I proved some improvement compared to my first races so far in this season. In a very windy and fast Semifinal there were missing 1.7 seconds for qualifying for the A-Final. In fact that my favourite conditions are something completely different I could live with that result. But as always in the first moment to miss out a good occasion it is always unsatisfying. In the B-Final I showed a solid performance in a very tight race which placed me in the first 15 for the first time in this year over the Olympic distance. I also participated in the mass start race over 5000m together with 30 other athletes. I started really good and hang out in the first group until a crash after 700 metres. I was pushed out from this group and tried my luck all alone. After the first turn I caught the helping wash of Miika Dietrich my Finnish mate from the Israel training camp. We worked together and built a chasing group with some others. I managed to show a good finish sprint and made sure another Top 10 Result over this distance with Place 9.


Baku was the last race before the very important World Championships in Milan from 19th to 23rd August. Like all the other athletes the time until Worlds is filled out with a lot of training. Right now I am training in Pusiano only 30 kilometres away from Milan. This summer I will be here a total of 4 weeks. The training conditions are almost perfect like always when our Swiss team is here. The first days here it was almost too hot to train, but the temperature went down a bit and now it is really agreeable. The training is hard as always and I am looking forward for the shorter trainings which follow in the next weeks. The World Championships in Milan seems to become the biggest Canoe/Kayak Event of all time with over 100 Nations and hopefully thousands of spectators. There will be definitely dozens Swiss Fans because it is so close. Milan is the first possibility to reach an Olympic Quota place and for that reason the most important competition for all the Paddlers in the last year. So it is for me and this gives some extra motivation in every training session!

The official website of the event is www.milan2015.com

And here are the latest results:

World Cup Duisburg (GER)

K1 1000m

  1. Max Hoff (GER) 3:30.354
  2. Josef Dostal (CZE) 3:32.040
  3. Rene Poulsen (DEN) 3:32.446

22.Fabio Wyss (4. im C-Finale) 3:38.444

K1 5000m

  1. Ken Wallace (AUS) 19:14.043
  2. Max Hoff (GER) 19:20.894
  3. Aleh Yurenia (BLR) 19:47.619

10. Fabio Wyss 20:39.048


European Games Baku (AZE)

K1 1000m

  1. Max Hoff (GER) 3:28.205
  2. Fernando Pimenta (POR) 3:28.421
  3. Rene Holten Poulsen (DEN) 3:28.863

15. Fabio Wyss 3:37.377


Resultate K1 5000m

  1. Max Hoff (GER) 20:01.864
  2. Fernando Pimenta (POR) 20:11.989

3. Cyrille Carre (FRA) 20:42.081

9. Fabio Wyss 21:32.391

Mai 15

Driving, Driving Autobahn to Duisburg (GER)

After a little part of the international paddlers were competing last weekend on the Worldcup in Portugal, this weekend the game will be a bit busier. 53 Nations from all over the World will race at one of the fairest courses in the World in Duisburg. Our Swiss team is composed out of 6 Athletes, 3 Kayak Women and Men.

I will race over 1000m, 500m and 5000m. The field looks tough with 6 Heats in 1000m and 42 paddlers over 5000m. I am happy to race there on one of my most favourite courses. In the past I raced some very acceptable races there and I hope I can continue this tradition. Some links for this race you find on the bottom.

Last Thursday we had Swiss Championships over 5000m. It was held in my hometown Buochs on the Lake of Lucerne. It was the first flat-water race on this lake but the lake was not really flat on this day. Because on this lake I paddled the most kilometres of my life I knew how to handle them and was paddling almost the whole time alone in front. Also the K2 with my club mate Stefan Domeisen was already a lead from the start to the finish.

I want to say thanks to Miika Dietrich from Finland who joined us Swiss paddlers the last two and a half weeks. There were some really nice sessions and funny evenings together.

Results 5000m Swiss Championships:


  1. Fabio Wyss 19:58.26
  2. Stefan Domeisen 20:15.40
  3. Miika Dietrich 20:58.72


  1. Wyss/Domeisen 19:15.50
  2. Summermatter/Mathys 19:58.53
  3. Reck/Dietrich 20:15.24

Some important links for Duisburg:

Startlists/Results: http://results.imas-sports.com/kanuduisburg/regatta.php?competition=wettkampf_125

Eurosport Germany: Saturday 11:00-12:15, Sunday 09:45-11:00 (Eurosport 2)

Livestream: https://www.youtube.com/user/CanoeKayakTV


Mai 15

Neuer Sponsoring Partner Markstein AG

Unmittelbar vor Start der internationalen Kanusaison 2015 konnte ich einen neuen Sponsoringpartner finden. Die Firma Markstein AG ist in der Immobilienbranche tätig. In ihrem breiten Dienstleistungsangebot werden folgende Bereiche abgedeckt:

  • Investment
  • Portfoliomanagement
  • Projektmanagement
  • Eigenheim/Erstvermietung

Die Markstein AG ist ein verlässliches und erfolgreiches Unternehmen mit Sitz in Baden und Zürich, welches in der ganzen Deutschschweiz tätig ist. Ich bin sehr stolz an meiner Seite eine  starke Unternehmung zu wissen. Der Zeitpunkt hätte nicht passender sein können so kurz vor meinen zwei wichtigsten Kanusaisons für mein Traum: Rio de Janeiro. Natürlich ist diese Partnerschaft nicht nur motivierend für mich, sondern auch sehr wichtig um spezielle, zusätzliche Trainingsmassnahmen in den nächsten Monaten vorzunehmen um mich so optimal vorbereiten zu können!

Vielen Dank dem Team von Markstein, mehr Infos unter www.markstein.ch