Aussie Nationals in Perth

Mein aktueller Beitrag in der Zürichsee Zeitung:

Time is passing by very quickly and this is already one of my last posts from Australia. Last week I was racing at the Aussie-Nationals. Unfortunately I couldn’t race the 1000m because it was the last domestic Trial for the Olympic Team. So I tried to race as many races as possible over the short distances. I started on Wednesday with the K1 200m. I was doing this race three weeks ago in Adelaide as well and landed in the C-Final there. In Perth I did much better and came 14th overall, with a good performance in the B-Final. The margin to the best was about 1.5 seconds less compared to Adelaide. In the K2 I paddled with Rob McIntyre as in Adelaide. We achieved the A-Final as well and came 7th in a very close race.







On Saturday the 500m were on the program. The concurrence wasn’t as hard as over the 1000m, but there were still many National Team members on the start line. I came through the Semi’s with still having reserves for the A-Final. I was able to give everything in this A-Final. I ended up on Place 3, behind training and roommate Simon McTavish and U23 Vice-Worldchampion Bill Bain. I achieved a new PB over this distance.

In the K2 with Rob we won our Heat in a PB of 1:31.46 and with winning this we already could start recovering for our A-Final the next day. The wind turned on Sunday and we struggled to find a nice powerful stroke in the Headwind. We finished second and got beaten by a very U23 crew. I actually wanted to a gold medal in this race but on that day it wasn’t possible. The last race of that long and tough week, was the new Olympic race for 2020 the K4 500m. With a strong NSW-Crew and a good mix of young and old, sprinters and me we tried to win a medal in our first sitting together. There were a few good other crew on the line and we finally came 4th. It felt really nice setting the stroke and get pushed down the course by some strong athletes. That was my last race Down-Under. The next two weeks are packed with good aerobic sessions and slightly adapt to the training that I am used to do back in Switzerland.


K1 200m

  1. Steve Bird 34.81
  2. Dunn Callum 35.19
  3. Matt Goble 35.59

14.Fabio Wyss 37.30

K2 200m

  1. Wallace/Tame 33.59
  2. Philipps/Bird 33.84
  3. Dunn/Mc Lean 34.50
  4. Fabio Wyss/ Rob McIntyre 35.87

K1 500m

  1. Simon Mc Tavish 1:40.39
  2. Bill Bain 1:40.72
  3. Fabio Wyss 1:40.91

K2 500m

  1. Lohse/Ellis 1:38.31
  2. Fabio Wyss/ Rob McIntyre 1:40.04
  3. Ryan / Haniford 1:40.98

K4 500m

  1. Bird,Philipps,Holmes,Bowker 1:24.79
  2. Fitzsimmons,McKitterick,Duffy,Wood 1:26.53
  3. Lohse,Ellis,Goble,Dunn 1:27.23
  4. Wyss, McIntyre,Dawe,McLean 1:28.20


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