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Mein neuester Beitrag in der Zürichsee-Zeitung könnt ihr mit diesem Link anschauen: Hier gehts weiter auf Englisch 🙂

After some solid training and a few really good sessions during the last weeks, it was time to show what I am able to do in a competition. In Adelaide there were held the Oceania Championships one week ago. On the start line were beside the Oceanian countries a few Asian nations, Canada and of course me presenting Switzerland. It was a pretty strong field with many Olympic Champions. After not racing at my best in Penrith one month ago, I wanted to show improvement and achieve the A-Final over 1000m. Coincidentally I had a pretty similar Semifinal draw like in Penrith and had to race against the same three paddlers who beat me there one month ago. I felt really comfortable from start on and came into the lead after half of the race. I still had my reserves for a good finish and was able to push my lead over the line. I felt really relieved after that race and was satisfied that the training in the past weeks paid off.

In the A-Final there was a strong tailwind going over the course. Not my favorite conditions, but I tried not to care about and find a good rhythm. Unfortunately that was much harder and I struggled to find pressure and paddle nicely. It seemed like other paddlers had trouble with these conditions as well. I finished in fourth place and happy with this result, even if I didn’t show my best race.

I also competed in the 200m and 500m. Against the specialists in the Olympic 200m, I was without any chance, but it is still a good training for me. In the Non-Olympic event over 500m I raced K1 and K2 with Rob McIntyre. The level was not too hard over this distance but still a few good paddlers were on the line. We won our first race together in a quite good time of 1:34.32. We won it with the smallest margin of 0.01 seconds ahead of the New Zealand pair. In the K1 I finished second behind training mate Murray Stewart who won the 1000m as well.


K1 1000m

  1. Murray Stewart 3:29.87
  2. Jordan Wood 3:33.82
  3. Jacob Clear 3:34.05
  4. Fabio Wyss 3:34.73

K1 500m

  1. Murray Stewart 1:38.61
  2. Fabio Wyss 1:43.42
  3. Robert McIntyre 1:44.05

K2 500m

  1. Wyss/McIntyre 1:34.32
  2. Quickenden/Tinelly 1:34.33
  3. Davey/Pond 1:36.04


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