After the race is before the race

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The NSW-State Championships in Penrith were a very nice Regatta. My first race for a long time and I was keen on some racing again. I felt quite comfortable in the 1000m Heat and showed a good race. But as always the Semifinal is what counts and there you need to be able to race at your best. Unfortunately I did’nt do that. I was scared to go too fast in the beginning and so I guess I was going to slow. I showed a good last 250m but it was too late to achieve the first two spots and I missed my goal of racing in the A-Finals on Sunday. Straight after that I competed in the 500m Heats and Semis. It was way easier there, because more or less only NSW-Paddler raced it. So I qualified to the A-Final with a solid win in the Semi. The last race of the day was the 5000m. I kind of like to race this distance, because it is always big fun and excitement with the mass start. Unfortunately there were only a few paddlers doing it as well, so it was more sort of a training than a thrilling race. I struggled a bit with the weed on the course, but in the end won the race. Honestly I had to give much more effort into that than I wanted, but finally the day was over and I was ready to recover.




On Sunday I first raced the B-Final over 1000m. I was paddling much more aggressive than in the Semi and pushed myself a lot. I finished in second place which is an overall 10th place. That is alright for me at the moment, but sure I want to improve for the next races. I need to find the good mixture between coolness and going as hard as possible. Probably my body need to get used to race in this time of year as well.

My 500m A-Final started quite badly. I wasn’t really ready at the start and so I didn’t feel too comfortable in the first half of the race. With a good finish I made my way to the podium and finished 3rd. Actually after that I was totally exhausted and wasn’t really looking forward to race the 200m, but I did it anyway. I came into the B-Final and finished overall 11th. Not too bad for such a Non-Sprinter like me. I think there were some agreeable results and I got a lot of feedback to work on now.

The work started again on Monday afternoon. There wasn’t really time for much resting, because from the 12th to 14th February there will be the next Regatta. In Adelaide there will be held GP2 which will be an international race and a selection race for the Australian National Team.


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