Water is heating up in Milan

Tomorrow the first races at the Canoe Sprint World Championships 2015 are going to start. In Milan which at same time hosts the World Exhibition EXPO, the biggest World Championships ever in Canoe/Kayak Racing will start with over 100 Nations participating. And an even more interesting fact is that the first Olympic Quotas for Rio de Janeiro are able to receive. In my category the Kayak Men 1000m I need to achieve a Top 7 result to get a place for my country. My best result ever is a 12th place, so it is going to be tough.

I knew I trained really well the whole season and especially the last months. There is nothing else to do than give everything and handle as much pain as possible.

If you want to watch some exciting races than watch live at this channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/CanoeKayakTV

My friend Michi Reber will attend our Swiss Team with some nice News at this channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MRPFILMS

Results and Startlists you find on the official website: http://www.milanworldcanoesprint.com/en/results-live-streaming

The Starting times from our Swiss Team you find below:

08:40-09:15 Vorläufe K1 Damen 500m: Noemi Brüschweiler
09:40-10:15 Vorläufe K1 Herren 1000m: Fabio Wyss
12:50-13:20 Vorläufe K2 Herren 1000m: Domeisen/Summermatter

15:35-15:55 Halbfinale K1 Damen 500m: Noemi Brüschweiler
16:15-16:40 Halbfinale K1 Herren 1000m: Fabio Wyss
18:30-18:55 Halbfinale K2 Herren 1000m: Domeisen/Summermatter

12:45-13:10 Vorläufe K2 Herren 500m: Domeisen/Summermatter
13:30-13:40 Vorläufe K1 Damen 1000m: Noemi Brüschweiler

16:50-17:05 Halbfinale K2 Herren 500m: Domeisen/Summermatter
17:20-17:25 Halbfinale K1 Damen 1000m: Noemi Brüschweiler

08:45-08:55 C- / B-Finale Kajak Damen 500m
09:00-09:10 C- / B-Finale K1 Herren 1000m
10:05-10:15 C- / B-Finale K2 Herren 1000m
10:30-10:35 A-Finale K1 Damen 500m
10:50-10:55 A-Finale K1 Herren 1000m
11:50-11:55 A-Finale K2 Herren 1000m
09:20-09:25 B-Finale K1 Damen 1000m
09:50-09:55 B-Finale K2 Herren 500m
10:50-10:55 A-Finale K1 Damen 1000m
11:30-11:35 A-Finale K2 Herren 500m

15:00-15:30 K1 Damen 5000m: Noemi Brüschweiler
15:40-16:10 K1 Herrren 5000m: Fabio Wyss


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