After Europeans is before Worlds

I just competed at my first Senior European Championships not even two weeks ago. With the results in Brandenburg I am satisfied. I was able to improve from race to race and I am at a equal level like last year. Maybe there is missing one or two seconds over 1000m to my best time, but I am pretty sure this is doable until Worlds in Moscow in August.


B-Final 1000m


Over 1000m I ended after a really hard Semifinal in the B-Final. There was a strong tail wind blowing huge waves over the Betzsee. I hoped my Wildwater-Skills would help me and I can manage the waves better than others, but finally most of the guys didn’t have a lot of problems. In the B-Final on Saturday we had fair conditions again. I started on the outside lane 9 next to Czech giant Josef Dostal. Last time I started next to him I ended in his wash and wasn’t able to paddle my own race. I started more offensive this time and it worked well. After the half of the race I started to lose contact to him but managed not to get to far away. Finally I finished 5th in a strong field what means place 14 overall. The concurrence at this European Championship was impressive with 4 Heats and I am satisfied to reach the first half of the field.

I started as well over 500m and did a good Heat. In the Semifinal I gave up, because the B-Finals of 1000m and 500m were to close together. It’s sad, that they didn’t worked out a better timetable, but I look the 500m anyway more as a training, so it is okay for me. On Sunday evening I started the 5000m mass start race. Also there was a good start field with over 30 competitors. Unfortunately a storm came over at the official start time and we paddlers missed the TV-Broadcasting because of this. On the second try 30 minutes later we had probably the best conditions from the hole weekend. Nice flat water, no wind and around 20 degrees. I started quite defensive, which was not my plan. After I did tactically a great job and fought to place 13. The field was very close together, to the Top 10 I lost only 3 seconds. Also this is a good sign and shows me that the basics are there. Right now I am in Puisano ITA and do a lot of speed work, actually for the first time this year. I am optimistic to make again a step until Worlds and hope to achieve my goals on the very nice Regatta course in Moscow from 7th to 10th of August.

Results from Brandenburg:

K1 Herren 1000m

1. Aleh Yurenia BLR 3:27.455

2. René Poulsen DEN 3:28.711

3. Max Hoff GER 3:30.388

Ferner 5. im B-Finale Fabio Wyss 3:34.897

K1 Herren 5000m

1. Max Hoff GER 19:47.102

2. René Poulsen DEN 19:48.839

3. Fernandon Pimenta POR 19:54.713

Ferner 13. Fabio Wyss 20:45.892

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