Introducing a VIP-Athlete from my training group

It was a long time ago, when I introduced you some athletes from my training group. One I didn’t because I was not sure to find the right words. In the past weeks my friend, twin brother, idol finished his beautiful and succesfull carreer. So now it’s the time to introduce you Big Jernej Župancic Regent from Slovenja!

Zupa at Olympics in Peking 2008

Zupa at Olympics in Peking 2008

Name: Jernej

Surname: Župancic Regent

Nicknames: Župa, Jerry

Date of Birth: 18th May 1980

Nationality: Slovenian

Idols: Spartan King Leonidas 😉

Website: very nice homepage with all about the most famous Slovenian Flatwater Paddler. Also a lot of links to other paddlers, federations, equipements, Videos and Župa’s Picasa Album.

About him: When I 2008/09  changed from wildwater to flatwater, I was so happy to train together with such a succesfull, experienced and fast paddler. I knew Župa only from Jantex-Calendars and Television. I had the possibility to train with one of my idols, which is a really rare situation. Jernej started paddling 1991  In this time were not really many Flatwater paddlers in Slovenja and he was training a lot with other countries like Hungary, France, Italy and more. He reached together wich Jaka Jazbec  in the K2 a Worldchampionships Final in 2002 and also a Worldcup Medal in Hazewinkel. After he concentrated himself to K1 and qualified himself for Olympic Games in Athen 2004 where he finished 15th. In the Years after he was able to make a lot of progress. He finished the Europeans  in Rank 6 in the year 2005 and 2006.  2007 he managed the 8th place in the K1 A-Final in on the World Championships in Duisburg and definitly reached absolutly world class level. This result qualified Jernej for Olympic Games in Bejing. He finished there 16th this was not really what he expected, so he changed many things for Olympics 2012. He trained hard with Ingolf Beutel, the same coach like me. Unfortunately he had problems to confirm his success from earlier years. After the Worlds in Szeged this year he decided to finish his career. Surely I’m really sad about this decision he was always the guy I wished the most to see crossing the finish line as first. I’m happy that he can work now as coach in Slovenja. Sure that his knowledge and character will help a lot to young paddlers in Slovenja. Like a lot of former paddlers we can see him still a lot of times in the boat. This sport is too cool to finish totally. On Monday I will visit Zupa in his hometown Most na Soci and do some trainings with him as training partner and coach. I’m looking really forward to and want already say thank you for hosting me.

Župa and me after a race in Mantova

Župa and me after a race in Mantova

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  1. In the above mentioned Picasa album on my page you can also find some naked pictures of Fabio Wyss aka “The wild horse“! Worth checking out this body!

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